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At Effectus, we recognise that for our customers, it is the combination of People, Process and Technology that drives business outcomes. So, we have designed our Consulting & Training to (a) build robust sales processes and, (b) elevate people skills in B2B Sales. To this end, program development, management goals, team goals, desired process excellence and skill development drives the identification of potential outcomes.

Workshops and on-line learning interventions & participant certification lead to a 3 month ‘handholding’ period to embed the processes and give the teams their best chance of reaching their desired goals. Goals could be many and the top 3 to 5 are captured in the pre- assessment phase.

For those a href="" title="customers">customers, who would like our consulting services to continue longer than 3 months, we enter into continuous consulting contracts.

We work from Discovery to delivery, to post-workshop consulting so as to keep a clear focus on outcomes- for ourselves- and more importantly, the teams we consult with and train.

Sales Methodology - People, Process and Technology