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At Effectus we see sales at the very core of a high performing organisation
We believe High Performance begins with how we differentiate ourselves in all stages of a sale, from understanding the customer’s requirement, aligning our products and solutions, to planning and executing the sale. We believe reaching out to CXOs with the right insight into their business and the ability to communicate on how we create value provides the essential edge to win in an increasingly competitive and commoditised B2B market place.So, if you are in Engineering, Technology or Services and seek to differentiate yourself… talk to us.

Our first element — Sales Excellence — much like
 manufacturing  or operational.. More
Understanding the customers needs and the organisation initiatives that drive these needs.. More
Innovation, or the ability to create
 differentiation that
 fulfills stated and often unstated..More

Sales Excellence

Our first element — Sales Excellence — much like manufacturing  or operational excellence is process driven. Sales is a key driver of  growth but should sales processes be a ‘do-it-as-you-like’ processes  or a repeatable, consistent processes that eliminates “luck” as a sales  process? In a constantly changing, competitive world, where product  differentiation is short lived, it is Sales Excellence that provides the  vital differentiation that leads to higher sales and better sales in the  B2B world. It is not how well you know your product but how well you understand customer needs and align your products to those needs.

Financial Acumen

Understanding the customers needs and the organisation initiatives that  drive these needs, the metrics that will be used to evaluate business  improvement from our products and solutions is the thrust of our  Business & Financial Acumen Sales training and coaching. Processes  supplemented by financial awareness and analytical skills of a level that  can quantify benefits and ROI to the CXO levels is what differentiates a  sales professional who can confidently sell at senior executive levels. A great tool to reduce both time to decision and price sensitivity.


Innovation, or the ability to create differentiation that fulfills stated  and often unstated needs of clients and creates more profits for the  organisation is a wonderful lever to integrate sales, marketing and  product development teams so as to achieve true sales enablement.  Our Innovation Consulting and ideation workshops would give a vital third dimension to the Sales Excellence and business/financial skills  training.