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The focus of EFFECTUS is to help companies in Industrial Businesses - be it Engineering, Technology, EPC or Service industries, create high-impact Sales teams. To this end we leverage three key service offerings:

Sales Excellence coaching & consulting - based on the well tested framework of the leading global Sales Performance companies, , Miller Heiman, which is the consistent No. 1 in Training Industry for over 5 years and in the top 10 of for over a decade.

Business & Financial Analytics to help your teams develop financial acumen and understand the financial imperatives of customer's decision-making, and align the customer's needs with your offerings. For this we partner with Executive Conversation which for the last two years is in the top 20 listing.

Innovation Consulting which facilitates creative ideation, development and implementation process as part of your way of working and running your business, based on the framework developed by our alliance partner, The Desai Group.

Effectus - Sales Excellence coaching & consulting
Miller Heiman - Sales Excellence coaching & consulting
Miller Heiman brings the insight and experience gained from more than 35 years and 15,000 worldwide engagements to customers seeking to up their game in a highly competitive marketplace.
Executive Conversion
As enterprises like Engineering, Technology, Services in India compete with the best global firms both in the country and overseas, a world-class sales organization becomes almost mandatory.
The Desai Group
In order to achieve full realisation of Sales Enablement, an organisation must operate in a climate and culture of innovation. Innovation is no longer an option, it is a survival tactic to provide a great customer experience.