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Business And Financial Acumen - to enable Executive Engagement

In the competitive and rapidly changing world of the customers we serve, is it enough to equip Sales Professionals with product knowledge & sales methodologies alone? More

Research by CSO Insights( and several others- Forrester, Sirius Decisions etc) clearly establishes that

  • A significant part- 60/70%- of Corporate decision process is made before you get a call or an RFP
  • Corporate leaders develop strategies to respond to trends and external factors. This creates demand which Sales Professionals should ideally be able to capture by early stage Executive Engagement.
  • There is widespread concern amongst salespeople professionals about engaging and selling to high-level executives. Sales people are uncomfortable senior leadership since their focus is on their products. Business & Financial literacy equips them to engage at the CXO
    Level and create Impact around an agenda that matters to CXOs. They learn to sell needs/challenges rather than feature- benefit selling at lower levels.
Executive Engagement Program Overview

Effectus has developed a customisable, Executive Engagement framework for sales professionals.

A Discovery Process to set the context for why it is imperative to master the ' art & science of Executive Engagement, capture current challenges and obstacles to Executive Engegement and participant Expectations- which in turn are used to customise the emphasis of the workshop learning that follows.

Two day Workshop to master the 5 key elements of Executive Engagement.Customer Insight, Research & Preparation, Financial statements and ROI. Day 2 is mainly role plays around current sales pursuits. Take aways include insights & tools around 'what-to-do' and 'how-to-do'.

One-on-one Coaching 45 days & 90 days after the workshop to review people what worked well, what did not work & what could have been better. The facilitator guides and course-corrects as needed. Coaching ensures that learnings from the workshop are effectively put into practice. A program wrap up workshop post 90 days,provides perspective shared learnings & success stories.


Program Deliverables
Executive Engagement Program

Program Deliverables
Our Clients are delighted with the outcomes

  • A Significant improvement in the Research & Preparation to target an Account or a CXO in the account
  • Enhanced Customer Insight and understanding of the customer's strategic business initiatives
  • High level of confidence to seek appointments and conduct meetings around a CXOs strategic issues and challenges
  • Dramatic transition from product-centric conversations to conversations around the customer's issues
  • Ability to differentiate solutions and articulate what the solutions do for the customer
  • Confidence to create new opportunities through their conversations with CXOs