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Miller Heiman Group(MHG) Resources

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Is Training enough to drive change?

For our customers- the need for continual profitable revenue growth is always desirable- in fact it is the heartbeat of
a company’s performance. So,it should sound like a great idea for L&D Managers to invest in sales training to up performance.
Right? Not quite if one were to be mindful of extensive research in the field of training.

There are estimates that companies around the world spent close to US$ 356 billion on training in 2015
alone( Source: HBR October 2016 – “Why leadership Training Fails and What to Do About it”).
When it comes to Sales Training, estimates vary. $ 30 billion says one estimate. What concerns us, however, is how
effective is the training??

What are our options?

While the need for growth in profitable revenue never stops- the growth of sales people, unfortunately does! This
creates a Revenue shortfall- which is generally filled up by hiring more sales people or increasing effectiveness
through Sales Training- which translates into Quantity and/or Quality increments.

Most sales organisations have their star performers- the “10s and 9s” so to speak. But a vast majority is 5s and
6s- the “solid citizens”. If training could move them to 7 or 8, for instance- the money on
training would be well spent- provided training were to be a “part of a process rather than a standalone event”.

Suggested Roadmap

– Commit to a a Sales Effectiveness Journey( methodology/process; skills enhancement, tool kits )

– Build in training into the process as an “intervention” and not a standalone event
– Adopt on-going “Reinforcement & Coaching” to develop a culture of practice and use experts to implement
– Foster a Supportive environment

Coaching the Coach

In a CSO Insights research note” A Culture of Accountability starts with Coaching” the role of Front line
Sales Managers(FSMs) as “ Coaches” is emphasised.

To enable FSMs to coach their teams effectively,a well developed Reinforcement process can be an important enabler.
The Goal has to be to enable FSMs to become the kind of coaches who can reinforce sales processes and skills that are
rolled out in training. To achieve this, it is crucial that FSMs are a part of the training themselves.

Opportunity coaching – Regular opportunity reviews
to coach around the real-world opportunities that the sales force is dealing with

Skills, knowledge, and competency coaching – While
working with sales professionals, reviewing opportunities, additional coaching, such as situational selling skills
& business acumen, Executive Engagement etc can be addresses to expand the capability of the sales force in general
or individuals with specific issues.

Reinforcement coaching – In addition to ensuring
salespeople use sales content effectively and apply what they’ve learned in training, world-class FSMs look for
opportunities to reinforce the lea Examples of reinforcement coaching include helping the sales professionals apply
newly learned methodologies, processes, or value messaging in their daily work. This kind of coaching is focused on
coaching people to embrace the only consistent element we have

We have made this coaching the core of our offerings so as to achieve the twin objective of coaching FSMs and their
sales team in utilising the training concepts and tools so that the FSMs can bring in the change that the organisation
wants to see.

Reinforcement and Coaching allows us to address the “how to do” whilst the training address the “ what to do”.

Business And Financial Acumen –
to enable Executive Engagement

In the competitive and rapidly changing
world of the customers we serve, is it enough to equip Sales Professionals with product knowledge
& sales methodologies alone?

Research by CSO Insights( and several others- Forrester,
Sirius Decisions etc) clearly establishes that

  • A significant part- 60/70%- of Corporate decision
    process is made before you get a call or an RFP
  • Corporate leaders develop strategies to respond to
    trends and external factors. This creates demand which Sales Professionals should ideally be able to capture by early
    stage Executive Engagement.
  • There is widespread concern amongst salespeople
    professionals about engaging and selling to high-level executives. Sales people are uncomfortable
    senior leadership since their focus is on their products.
    Business & Financial literacy equips them to engage at the CXO
    Level and create Impact around an agenda that matters to CXOs. They learn to sell needs/challenges rather than feature- benefit
    selling at lower levels.
Executive Engagement Program Overview

Effectus has developed a customisable, Executive Engagement framework
for sales professionals.

A Discovery Process to set the context for why it is imperative to master the ‘ art & science
of Executive Engagement, capture current challenges and obstacles to Executive Engegement and participant Expectations-
which in turn are used to customise the emphasis of the workshop learning that follows.

Two day Workshop to master the 5 key elements of Executive Engagement.Customer Insight,
Research & Preparation, Financial statements and ROI. Day 2 is mainly role plays around current sales pursuits.
Take aways include insights & tools around ‘what-to-do’ and ‘how-to-do’.

One-on-one Coaching 45 days & 90 days after the workshop to review people what worked well, what did
not work & what could have been better. The facilitator guides and course-corrects as needed. Coaching ensures that
learnings from the workshop are effectively put into practice. A program wrap up workshop post 90 days,provides perspective
shared learnings & success stories.


Program Deliverables

Executive Engagement Program

Program Deliverables

Our Clients are delighted with the outcomes

  • A Significant improvement in the Research & Preparation to target an Account or a CXO in the account
  • Enhanced Customer Insight and understanding of the customer’s strategic business initiatives
  • High level of confidence to seek appointments and conduct meetings around a CXOs strategic issues and challenges
  • Dramatic transition from product-centric conversations to conversations around the customer’s issues
  • Ability to differentiate solutions and articulate what the solutions do for the customer
  • Confidence to create new opportunities through their conversations with CXOs



The team at Effectus is united by the strong desire to make a difference… We have opted to be in the Sales Performance Consulting domain because we believe that Enabling Sales Excellence in the B2B domain is something that can make a difference to the performance of Sales teams and Organisations that believe in growth through customer centric Sales Growth.

Team Effectus

Team Effectus
JP Singh - Founder Effectus
JP Singh

JP founded Effectus in partnership with Vijay Srinivasan in early 2013.

Prior to Effectus, JP was Executive Vice President.. More

Vijay Srinivasan - Co-founder Effectus
Vijay Srinivasan

Vijay Srinivasan (Vijay) co-founded Effectus with JP Singh. Prior to establishing Effectus, Vijay was VP & Managing Director.. More
Dilip Pradhan
Dilip Pradhan

Dilip is a highly skilled Electrical & Automation Engineer with an M Tech from IIT-B and extensive
experience in the area of variable frequency drives in.. More
Nikita Singh
Nikita Singh

Nikita attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Advertising & Marketing.. More

At Effectus, we use our real life Leadership & Sales experience coupled with the World class IP from the
world’s foremost Sales Performance Company-
The Miller Heiman Group(MHG).
The Group now

combines the best offerings from Miller Heiman,
Huthwaite and Achieve Global in its Be READY SOLUTIONS

Miller Heiman B2B Sales Management Consulting Firms & Training Coaching Courses Programs Workshops Mumbai

Effectus provides Consulting services from identification of Sales Challenges & pain areas to developing
the most optimal solution framework that best addresses the identified needs. Delivery of selected MHG tra
is conducted in accordance with MHG’s exacting standards by Certified Facilitators.
World class delivery, proven Leadership experience and a unique, outcomes focus -differentiates Effectus
from conventional ” sales training” firms

Program Overviews

Conceptual Selling®
Conceptual Selling sets a framework and methodology for good customer interactions that either move an opportunity forward or improve the relationship.Provides you with a customer-focused, collaborative planning process for anyone on your team who interacts with customers.

Strategic Selling® Strategic Selling provides proven processes and a common language for consistently winning more deals. Immediately improve your company’s ability to win complex deals with a consistent approach and sales strategy.

Large Account Management® provides a proven process and structure for sustainable success with key accounts and a customer-focused approach for long-term strategy development.Get your key players on the same page and have them focus collaboratively on goals and objectives.

SPIN Selling® SPIN Selling provide a comprehensive, structured approach to improving your team’s ability to engage customers with insightful dialogue and plan the best strategy for advancing the sale.

Professional Selling Skills® Professional Selling Skills will get your team geared to deliver high-performance results. Research-based solutions proven to provide skills to your sales team that will transform them into world-class sales professionals.